22/02/2024 - Adam-Caumeil at Eurojuris Congress Biarritz 2024: a firm at the heart of legal innovation


This year, the annual Eurojuris France Congress was held in the magnificent seaside town of Biarritz from February 1st to 3rd, 2024, chosen for its exceptional setting. Under the theme of Andy Warhol, this event offered a reflection on the image of legal professions, shaped as much by traditional media as by works of fiction. The goal: to understand and master our representation to the general public and our clients.



The Eurojuris Congress 2024: a meeting under the banner of innovation

The congress stood out for its original approach, inviting reflection on the image of our profession in the era of omnipresent communication. Inspired by the Warholian theme, together we explored the public's perception of our profession and how we can master it to better meet our clients' expectations.

Keynote conferences: between dialogues on ethics and professional challenges

Our presence at the congress was marked by moments of exchange and reflection, starting with a plenary session that captivated the audience.

Artificial Intelligence and Legal Decision-Making

The presentation by Efrain Fandino Lopez, Doctor of Law and recognized lawyer, on the impact of artificial intelligence in our daily practices, notably presented the case of a Colombian judge who admitted to using the famous chatbot to rule on a case. His intervention and the audience's reactions highlighted the importance of staying at the forefront and being aware of the latest technological developments.

State Enemy: Professional Secrecy Tested

This workshop led by Thierry Voitellier - lawyer, opened a space for dialogue on the professional secrecy of our profession in the face of challenges in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. This workshop-conference explored the boundaries between the ethical obligations of the lawyer and the imperatives of public security, generating an enriching exchange on best practices to adopt in a constantly evolving legal context.

These conferences, among others, not only enriched our understanding of contemporary issues but also stimulated collective reflection on how we, legal professionals, can navigate the complex landscape of new technologies and ethical requirements.

Eurojuris France: a network of cutting-edge business lawyers

Eurojuris France, with over 110 law firms spread across France and the DOM-TOM, is a cohesive community. We share a common commitment to excellence by providing comprehensive legal support to a diverse clientele, from businesses to individuals.

The congress was another opportunity to highlight our collaborative approach, where each member contributes to a dynamic of mutual aid and innovation.

This event not only strengthened our sense of belonging to a community of avant-garde jurists but also inspired us to continue our missions in service to our clients.


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Adam-Caumeil at Eurojuris Congress Biarritz 2024: a firm at the heart of legal innovation


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